On July 1, the Yaremche Club Hotel hosted an official presentation of the representative suite named after Vyacheslav Lypynskyi, a great Ukrainian whose remains unknown to many contemporaries.

The event took place with the participation of the mayor Andriy Myronyak, the editor-in-chief of the popular intellectual newspaper “Den”, public and cultural figure Larisa Ivshina, world-renowned Lviv artists Oleg and Oleksandr Denisenko, the owner and founder of the Hotel Group, which includes BANKHOTEL and Yaremche Club Hotel Vyacheslav Yutkin.

The ceremony on the occasion of assigning the name of Vyacheslav Lipinskyi to the best hotel  suite is our meaningful “choice of memory”. Especially since April 16 marked the 140th anniversary of the birth of this outstanding Ukrainian public and political figure, diplomat, historian, publicist, political scientist, and the main ideologist of modern Ukrainian conservatism.