We invite you to the restaurant Club Hotel Yaremche, which has a unique atmosphere complemented by hospitality and intertwined with local flavor.

Firstly, we recommend ordering fresh / lemonade / cocktail or herbal tea – restoring the water balance, you will have time to appreciate the richness of the menu and decide on the main course. We recommend to pay attention to juicy salads and snacks, traditional dishes of national cuisine, fish and meat dishes and unsurpassed dishes on the fire.

Be sure to try the soup of white mushrooms, traditional Carpathian bograch, borsch, potato pancakes with mushroom sauce and of course dumplings with potatoes. We offer a choice of many original dishes and drinks from local ingredients. The taste of the dishes is always delicious, and the serving is always exciting.

If it will be difficult to make a choice, our waiters will try to help you choose the dishes, taking into account your taste preferences.

Club Hotel Yaremche restaurant is a traditional Ukrainian cuisine combined with exquisite European dishes:

author’s menu of talented chef Sergey Stefanio;
wine list with dozens of exquisite items;

Look for more delicacies in our menu.




Sergey Stefanio is our talented chef of the restaurant, he knows how to surprise, and these surprises are always in the apple!

His skill can only be admired.

In his work, Andrew, is laid out 100%, putting a part of his soul into each dish, accurately thinks through each ingredient, which easily combines with other components. Excellent cooking and original serving reflect the love for each customer of the restaurant, as well as knowledge and professionalism. 

Prefers to cook simple dishes, adding some original elements to them.

Adds a lot of love to each dish to make you feel good!


Tongue with mustard sauce and bacon

Carpaccio of roasted beets and cheese

Filet mignon with sauteed cabbage

Wine Bar

On the ground floor of the hotel there is a wine bar with a wine list, which has more than a few exquisite items. Our waiters will help you to make a choice and taste all the notes of the wine composition.

The wine bar is a real decoration of the hotel, which attracts attention with its unusual design solutions, it is an ideal place for cozy chamber celebrations. 

The views of the Carpathians and the pool from the terrace of the wine bar will help to enhance the taste sensations. 

Whatever you order, we will try to surprise you and please you with a pleasant taste and appearance of the drink.